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My work currently…

I’m a Content and Digital Marketing Manager at EngageRocket, APAC’s fastest growing employee experience platform.

In my current capacity, I handle all matters regarding branded content – from strategising to the production of each content piece.


I was a Strategic Planner at a network ad agency in Singapore and a boutique agency in Indonesia. Over the course of my 8+ years experience, I’m grateful to have helped startups, FMCGs, government bodies, and tech companies scale their marketing & business.

What I aspire to be…

Where other marketer like to pocket themselves as either a strategist or executioner, I put myself at the intersection of both worlds. I don’t believe there’s any other way, truly.

I’ve seen great strategic minds stumble on basic day-to-day marketing, and great executioners failing to see the big picture.

There is no room to just be one and not the other.

From consuming Les Binet’s latest IPA papers to Justin Welsh’ content operations teachings, I strive to be better at marketing strategy and operations every day.

Outside of work…

I enjoy watching Twitch, gaming, playing with my dogs, and sipping a cup of coffee accompanied by my Kindle.

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